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Travel Tips for the Avid GlobeTrotter

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Whether this is your first solo trip or you’re an experienced globetrotter like many, it’s a great idea to have a list of what items you want to have with you – creating your travel checklist will help you have a better understanding and distinguish what you want to bring from what you have to consider essential.
Wherever your destination might be, the most important thing for you to choose is the luggage that will accompany you in your travels. Pick up a luggage that is lightweight, versatile and efficient. Doing your due diligence on this part of the planning will save you major headaches later. Believe me.

Your Luggage. Your Travel Companion

There are different types of luggage’s that you can choose, which will suit different styles of travelers.

4-Wheelers – Choose this if weight is an important factor for you. Weight can become limiting especially if you have to cover long distance walking, just make sure that your travel destination has great paved streets and sidewalks.

Rolling Travel Bags – Keep it simple makes it simple. Let’s be honest nobody likes to carry all the weight in the backpack. Wheels are your best friend if you choose this road.

Duffel Bag – The choice of the adventurer, light, simple and durable. With some practice and using few strategies, you can fit wonders in duffle bags.

Travel BackPack – First choice for the minimalistic traveler. Travel BackPacks under 40L are considered carry-on, making them the best choice for whom wants to travel light and fast. Travel BackPacks In combination with packing cubes are considered the way to go for explorers and seasoned globetrotters.

Plan Ahead. Organize Your Staff

If you are planning a long trip or just a lot of different activities, staying organize and maximize your luggage capacity can be challenging. One of the best things to do suggested is to use packaging organizers or cubes. Keeping your travel backpack organized not only means that you will know where everything is at any given time but also you will be able to pack more staff and pack and unpack quickly. Creating compartments in your luggage will allow unpacking seamlessly moving from one place to the other without having to reorganize the all luggage every time.

This are the basics:

Always bring with you lightweight clothing that can be layered
Rain jacket
Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers/boots
Hat/Baseball Cap
Cell Phone and Charger
Travel Speakers
Travel Adapter
Travel Charger
Eye mask and earplugs
Your favorite travel apps to translate, get direction and booking accommodations

The key to maximize space and make sure at the same time that we have all the essentials is to travel smart and pack smart. The minimalist approach is the best way to ensure that you will not pack in excess, most of the time having options does not mean that you will have more comfort.

Your Toiletry

Especially if you decide to travel carrying on, keeping your toilet bag light and TSA compliant is something not to overlook. To make it just easy to use 3-once reusable silicone bottles, package all in a clear pouch wipable and water resistant zipper to avoid unwanted spillage inside your luggage.

Must have travel essential for you:

Shampoo and conditioner, all in one option would be best
Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
Lip Balm
Personal Hygiene items
Medication that can be explained with a label and not be questioned
Shaving Kit
Travel Towel
Nail Clippers
Sewing kit

Protect your Health

Before you start traveling internationally, check the required vaccinations, usually, every country has a Disease Control Prevention Website. Spend some time doing your searches, check appropriate websites for a comprehensive list of travel vaccines, allowed medicines and so on.
Be informed.

Always bring with you:

Personal Prescriptions
Pain and Fever Medication
Electronic Thermometer
Cold Medicine (Advil, Tylenol)
First Aid Kit
Wet Wipes and Hand sanitizer

Technology Essentials

An important part of your gear will be your technology. This will allow you to stay in contact with the loved one and make history during your travels.

Suggestion for basic Techs:

Mobile Phone and Charger
Laptop, Ipad, and Chargers
Headphones, noise reduction headphones are the best. If you are looking for quality check what Bose has to offer. Best for sound quality
Camera and Go Pro and chargers
Memory Cards
Portable Hard Drive, save all your work in there
Travel Converters and Adapters

Travel Documents, Cash and Credit Cards

Consider your travel documents, cash and credit cards as your main source of freedom. By having all your important information together will ensure that you have everything you need to move from one country to the other seamless.
If you are not sure what you need, use this reference checklist, this is all the documents:

Cash and Credit Cards
Passport with all required Visa(s)
Travel Health Insurance Card
Travel Insurance Information (phone numbers, contact info)
Emergency Contact List
Copies of all your documents in wallet size (passport/ID)
Its good before you start traveling, inform your Credit Card companies that you will be traveling, this will avoid assuming involuntary fraudulent activity and freeze your cards.

Also, you should email a copy of your passport, driver license and medical insurance to your email address so you can have a digital copy as well.

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